Yoga in the Park

Yoga in Your Park was founded in 2009 and has three programs, Public Classes, Yoga Adventures, and Yoga Wellness Coaching. The mission of Yoga in Your Park is to provide a nature-based preventative care program that is highly accessible to each individual. This is yoga for all levels: we support the very beginner to the most seasoned yogi.

Let's amplify our connection!

We can support ourselves through the practice of yoga.

We can support each other through the practice of yoga.

We can support our earth through the practice of yoga.

Ellen SevignyThrough yoga we can touch into the joy underlying any given moment and inspire ourselves to let go of the thoughts, beliefs, and actions that no longer serve us, our communities, or this earth. This particular practice is unique in that students will experience their inquiry into yoga in an out- of- doors natural environment rather than a traditional studio. It provides yet another way for locals and visitors to experience the gift that is the park.

Alanna Kaivalya describes an important aspect of Yoga in Your Park in her book The Myths of the Asanas. She says, "Hope that our uplifted actions will change the world, even if it is just the world's time to change." (p.125)

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or feedback and if you love your outdoor yoga, check us out on facebook.

Public Classes:
Sunday Sunset on Cadillac Mountain – $10 suggested donation.
(July: 7 – 8:15 pm & August: 6:45 –8 pm)

Public classes can also be requested. Please make your request one week in advance. Once you set up your class we will open it up to other in our yoga community. Fees will be by contribution ($10 suggested).

Yoga Adventures:
A qualified instructor can take you or your group out for a yoga-hike or yoga-swim in the park at your convenience.

Personal private instruction — $75/hour

Group private instruction — $80/hour for a group of two

Group private instruction— $90/hour for a group of three

Large group private instruction – $25 per person/hour for four+

Yoga Wellness Coaching:
A personalized program designed to coach clients in creating and reaching health goals. This can include support in emotional wellness, effective communication, fitness, life style design, weight loss, and more. Each session blends talk, somatic experiencing, yoga, and mindfulness techniques. Private coaching — $75/hour

This is yoga for all people! We are excited to support any yoga enthusiast from any economic range. Please feel free to contact us for work-study, and sliding scale rates. We are happy to work with you to meet your needs. Or, attend our Sunday night by donation class. Namaste!

For information and to schedule lessons and classes contact Ellen Sevigny at Also for more information about Yoga in Your Park check out