Water therapy as offered at CFC includes Alo in Agua and physical therapy. In partnership with Ulumuri Pool in Blue Hill we have been given the opportunity to work in an exquisite setting with
therapeutically warm waters.

Water therapy uses the natural properties of water –bouyancy and resistance—to both support and serve as resistance to movement. Exercise and movement patterns that increase range of motion, mobility and flexibility as well as visceral movement when indicated, are  easily and efficiently achieved in the water.

Karen Sjostrom HedgerFor those individuals in chronic pain this setting offers the opportunity to experience unanticipated guided movement without pain; less restricted movement with less pain and a “table” session without the discomfort of a “table”.

Therapists and Presence in Healing teachers with special training have also learned to create waves and movements which serve to accentuate issues of self trust, possibility and permission. Home instructions involving exercise in the pool to increase strength and/or endurance are also possible.

Working with children in the water is fun and motivating. We offer water therapy for children aged two and older. For those children with issues of muscle tightness, sensory differences, coordination issues, oromotor concerns and other special needs, the supportive nature of therapeutically warm water is especially beneficial. The natural consequence of needing and wanting to be touched and held in water is an additional benefit. When we work with groups of children, the great equalizing effect of water becomes more clear. With parents assisting in the water, we teach and address parent needs for growth and change as they learn how to support themselves and their children as partners in change through the medium of water.

Water therapy sessions are an hour in length. Guests should plan on an hour and a half to provide time for transitions and rest. Session fee is $115. A credit card is requested to reserve your session. Should you cancel your session with less than 24 hours' notice you will be charged $50 for the cost of the pool time.

To schedule a session please call or email.