Self Discovery through Recovery

This unique and impactful service is offered to individuals involved in recovery from addictions and alcohol abuse. This approach supports traditional interventions of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and 12-step programming.

We offer:

Annuylar eclipseTherapeutic Whole Body Massage increases relaxation and physical awareness of the body while receiving compassionate touch and support where this may not have been experienced previously or recently. Sessions are 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Presence In Healing Sessions specifically address multiple levels of consciousness (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic) in the body. By working with intention, touch and movement, clients are encouraged to be both occupied and aware of their bodies and to be in present time. This more holistic approach of increasing awareness of self specifically in relationship to the change, which is recovery, assists the individual to come to greater acceptance of “what is” and “what has been in”. The result of this brings greater creativity, vision and manifestation to life purpose (the life that we choose to create).

Presence in Healing Classes are offered to explore individual issues in a group setting those issues and emotions which are particularly relevant to the recovery process. The underlying theme of how habits are perpetuated in our bodies and how to insert conscious choice into these patterns are built into each class. In recognition that addiction/alcoholism is a “family” disease, all family members and caregivers are encouraged to participate in these classes.

Some sample classes:

  • Beliefs: Whose are these anyways?
  • Storytelling: Becoming the hero of your story
  • Presence: Present time, where choice is made
  • Perception versus Projection: Meeting others as they are
  • Support and Control: What’s the difference?
  • Play: How to cocreate a life

Communicative Awareness

  • Support and Control Through Communication
  • Speaking of feelings…….
  • Responsibility, Blame and I Statements
  • Talking to, with or at

Detoxification Through the Skin. The skin is one of the largest organs of the body and offers the opportunity to cleanse the body and refresh the sensations which are so vital for recovery. Traditional mudwraps purify, detoxify and help with skin regeneration. Compression wraps include a mudwrap with compression which further extract fluid from the body.

Personal Coaching – Living Life Support is offered as an aid for learning how to live a healthier life, which is in congruence with the desires of the individual without creating codependencies. This functional approach to self discovery is especially relevant in times of transition and stress. This is offered in direct one on one meetings, telephone appointment and online services to suit the individual needs of the client.

How would it have been for us to have parents who guided, coached, cheer led, and loved us enough to remember what we told them — so that we might remember and discover ways to navigate the circumstances of life so that we could discover our own truths. 

“It seems to me that every human life has the elements of a sea voyage, of a journey and an arrival. That every human life is also like a vessel that contains innumerable other lives for which we have a deep responsibility. That this vessel journeys from one unknown sea to another as we go through important epochs of our lives, and that every soul’s journey in the world is like a captaincy--- that is, an identity which is necessarily attentive, powerful, and responsible, but not fixed, more like a meeting place of the elements in which the known vessel and the unknown sea must join in vital conversation. Out of this conversation we create a directional movement in the world that not only ensures our survival but creates exhilaration, the wind in our face, an immersion in the present whilst we simultaneously experience the joy of speeding toward our destination.”
David Whyte