Presence in Healing

Table session in processPresence in Healing is an integrated healing art form used for personal growth and healing. It is offered as individual teaching through table sessions, and as group teaching through classes and workshops. Sessions and classes teach guided self healing that address multiple levels of consciousness with an emphasis on presence, somatic (body) awareness and curiosity.

Presence in Healing as a perspective is also present in other life circumstances such as dialogue, guided meditation and process, and other professional capacities.

As a perspective and a path of guidance, Presence in Healing fundamentally focuses on the question “what is it to be human this time?” It offers guided self-exploration and discovery for living life as desired and chosen individually, in family and in community, through daily practice and play.

Presence or mindfulness may be described as a state of “moment to moment” awareness of one’s experience without judgment. Many practices and experiences cultivate this state. Research has identified many benefits brought about by this state of presence including stress reduction; decreased ruminating thoughts; decreased depression and anxiety; improved working memory; improved focus; less emotional reactivity; increased cognitive flexibility; improved relationship satisfaction and increased self-awareness.

Who might want to explore Presence in Healing?
The foundations of Presence in Healing are the cultivation of presence, increased perceptual awareness, greater self/other awareness and discerned choice. The result of this is greater understanding and expression of one’s authentic self in the world today.

The work is especially useful for individuals seeking change, or wanting more health and well-being in their lives. You might want to explore this work if you are experiencing:

  • chronic illness
  • immune compromise
  • depression or anxiety
  • life transitions
  • recovery from addiction           

Bodywork Sessions: Individual sessions are generally an hour in length. A session begins with you stating your desires for change.  These requests may be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or functional in nature. Working with intention, touch, and movement you are encouraged to discover for yourself, with the support of a teacher and experience, how to address whatever concern or expansion is requested. Sessions specifically address multiple levels of consciousness while being occupied, self-aware, and in present time.  Ultimately, we believe that all of experience is manifested in the body and through movement as life. In this way life purpose is created.

Presence in Healing is an outgrowth of many touch modalities and skill sets. The Presence in Healing teacher uses the perceptions and perspectives of Presence in Healing  while bringing their unique skills to the session.

During a session you are fully clothed, on a massage table. Some or all of the session may be done in sitting or standing, depending on your preference and the flow of the session. Water sessions are also offered. These sessions use the natural properties of water – buoyancy and resistance – to support movement, accentuating self-trust, permission, and possibility.

Classes and workshops are an opportunity for people to gather in a supportive environment to explore healing.  Each class has a focus on a particular topic, which is explored through conversation, internal focusing and movement sequences.  An underlying theme of how habits are perpetuated in our bodies and how to insert conscious choice into these patterns is part of every class.

Movement during classes can be experienced in standing, sitting, or lying on the floor. At times you may work with another person, or in a small group.

Coaching in Self Exploration provides a guided opportunity to explore how to create positive change in your life. This focuses on your individual strengths and aims to help you achieve what you want more of in life and at work.

The coach assists you to be present, in congruence, and in integrity with yourself and your lives. Coaching is confidential and a safe space to inquire deeply and ask powerful questions.

Here is more information on Coaching in Self Exploration.

Apprenticeships and intensives are designed for individuals wishing to study Presence in Healing. An apprentice contract is self-directed. Learning opportunities include bodywork sessions, public classes, apprentice tutorials, coaching in self exploration, and suggested readings. The expected commitment is generally 20 days per year with the goal of completing a minimum of 100 hours of training.

Individuals wishing to study a selected body of work in a shorter time may arrange an intensive.
Intensives are generally of no longer than 3 months duration during which 100 hours are completed.

The intention of apprenticeships and intensives is to allow a personalized course of study in Presence in Healing relative to the needs and desires of the student. Often times, intensives are specifically geared towards healing of a specific issue from the holistic perspective of Presence in Healing in an immersion-type experience. 

To find out more about apprenticeships contact Sara.

Meditative Groups. Presence is the core of health. Meditation is an ancient tool for growing Presence. Meditative groups explore a variety of meditation modalities. For those just starting out or those wishing to explore beyond their experience, Presence in Healing teachers who steward meditation groups bring their unique blend of integrity, witnessing and openheartedness to every experience.

Sacred Human. This is a 12-part course currently under development. Intended to be held over 4 years, the course will meet three times a year for 5-7 days at a time in a residential setting. Course content will be experiential and will address embodiment, with the goal of integrating Self and parts of self across the timeline, and experiencing choice in the presence of sacred nature. Through the lens of Presence in Healing we will re-experience our innate divinity and explore functional ways to express this in the world.

As an ongoing course of study taught by multiple teachers, a healing community will be co-created. This experience of a safe place to learn new perspectives over time while experiencing and practicing new insights and behaviors is a gift; complete with individual challenges in showing up, trusting self, expressing one’s authentic self, being vulnerable and sharing.

Fees: Individual bodywork session costs are offered on a sliding scale of $75-$110/session. Please let us know if you need additional financial support - we don't want cost to be a barrier if you want to access this work. Fees for individual or bundled coaching sessions can be found on this site at Coaching in Self Exploration.

 Fees for events and classes are listed with the event and scholarships are often available.

 Fees and payment plans for apprenticeships and intensives are individually arranged. Please contact Faith for details

To arrange a service please call or email. Check out our events page for current workshops and classes.

We create. The greatest gift we have is that of creation—
creating our lives, our children, our relationships, our Selves.

And this we do with other—always with other. There is nothing created solely by one. As if creation itself is our continual affirmation that we are connected to All.

Sara Pierce