Movement re-education is a bodywork technique which is designed to help people learn to use their bodies more effectively and towards greater well-being. The underlying principle of this concept is that our bodies, being willing to assist us initially to avoid pain or damage, create compensatory movement patterns that ultimately become habitual. Later, these habits
often promote pain, soreness, and inefficiency in the body. By teaching people to move in new ways, a practitioner of movement re-education can promote healthier and more comfortable patterns of movement.

In a movement re-education session, the therapist usually starts by asking the client to move as he or she would normally. Close attention is paid to how the body moves and where it does not. The therapist works with the client in a dynamic session which may involve stretching, guided exercises, the use of props, Presence in Healing, and massage. Movement re-education plans may also include a homework component, where the client is asked to practice exercises at home.

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