HandsTouch speaks to our innermost selves, conveying information about who we are and how we are. Therapeutic whole body massage increases relaxation and physical awareness of the body while receiving compassionate touch. At Lodestar we offer massage for people of all ages. Techniques that we use include:

  • Swedish – emphasis on relaxation, circulation, and stress and pain relief
  • Deep tissue – focus on the area of injury or pain with intention of lengthening or strengthening muscle tissue
  • Myofascial Release — releases restrictions in the fascial system that occur from trauma, inflammation, surgery, posture and unresolved emotional holding patterns, allowing the body's natural healing system to emerge
  • Visceral – gentle palpation with emphasis on mobility and tone of viscera and their connective tissue
  • Craniosacral – monitoring and enhancing the functioning of the cranio-sacral system, influencing the overall balance of the central nervous system
  • Energy - using perceptual and attunement skills to invite flow and increase congruence between structure and energy

These techniques are used in combination to meet the individual needs of the guest. They may also be combined with other healing modalities.

We offer massage in 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute sessions. We also include massage in our recovery program

Call or email to schedule an appointment.