Good Ideas

Karen Sjostrom Hedger Child and Family Fund

We are pleased to create this fund, lovingly established in the memory of Karen Sjostrom Hedger and dedicated to supporting programs and events for children and families in Hancock County, Maine and beyond. Programs that are being supported are ones that assist children and families to “get through the rough spots” by increasing awareness and skills. We know that these times of transition and change are often opportunities for individuals and families to become more of who they are—more excellent, more healthy, more stable, more understanding, and more responsible.

Funds will be awarded in the form of mini-grants of $250.00. Some examples of types of requests that would be considered for funding are family wellness events, parent education classes, family communication series, and training to provide services. Applications will be accepted in the spring and fall and we expect to have our first grant awards late spring of 2014.

If you would like to contribute to this fund you can do this by using the Donate button or by contacting our office. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The story:
Karen Sjostrom Hedger inspired a generation of children with their parents to truly express who they were. She passed from this earth in February of 2011. A Speech/Language Pathologist who specialized in developmental disabilities, Karen was a cofounder of the original Downeast Therapy Associates, which later expanded into the 5o1(c)3 nonprofit, Children, Families & Communities, Inc.
Karen brought unrivaled grace, enthusiasm, kindness and fun to all she encountered but none as much as those young in age or heart. She was gifted at developing partnerships with families, individuals and teams, and was known for her willingness to integrate traditional and alternative health practices.



Prayer Flag Project

The Prayer Flag Project has been established to generate public awareness to support peace in all forms for children. When complete, thousands of children and adults will be participants in creating a prayer flag sculpture of 10,000 flags. This sculpture will be installed in public areas as a reminder to support peace every day for our children--- from birth, at home, in school, out in the world, when in illness, catastrophe or health. Any revenue received will support the Prayer Flag Project or the Karen Sjostrom Hedger Fund at Children, Families & Communities.

!0,000 Prayer Flags
The initial phase of the project creates 10,000 prayer flags for peace in the lives of children. Each flag will be dedicated to children or a particular child….a wish or prayer for a child in each flag.
The second phase of this project will be to solicit artists who are willing to write grants to install the 10,000 flags in appropriate venues to be a gentle, inspiring and beautiful reminder of all those prayers and wishes. We hope this will be a traveling venue.

Our  Hope
Our hope is that as more of us fulfill this mission, Earth will become a little more user friendly: that we will remember what is important: that we will manifest more of who we are, individually and collectively. Live each moment of your life as if 10,000 people can see you and are impacted by you…because they are, if not immediately, then in the future. Speak, think and act in such a way that peace arises within you and in others.

Imagine being birthed into an environment that respects you and your mother’s experience.
Imagine having your needs heard.
Imagine a world where you are helped to find your natural gifts and talents.
Imagine a world where you are encouraged to explore and develop your gifts and talents as you grow.
Imagine adults in your life who are committed to modeling their humanity and supporting yours.

This is peace—a kind word, a gentle touch, compassionate understanding, clear boundaries and respectful support of one another. All this requires daily conscious awareness of ourselves.

If you would like to volunteer, here are some things you can do:

  • Sew flags
  • Buy a kit (when available)
  • Host a Prayer Flag event
  • Help with one of our local events
  • Support us with donations of: Used cotton linens; no longer wanted non-toxic acrylic paints; glitter and glitter glue.

We also welcome you to make prayer flags at home with children and grandchildren and send them to us. The finished dimensions of the flags are 9" x 11". Put a 1" hem across the 9" top so that we can thread rope through it. The other three sides are not hemmed.

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The Nature of Good Ideas

The Good Ideas™ Program is designed to support small, new or developing programs with missions compatible to our own. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we can serve as fiscal agent, allowing donations to be received on behalf of the program. We offer donation reports, as well as support and guidance in non-profit organization.

Past programs include:

The Common Good Soup Kitchen, Southwest Harbor, Maine
Maine Ghana Youth Network
Bodhi Buddies, Boulder, Colorado