Fussy Baby

This clinic is for families with young children, birth to 18 months of age. A clinic session last approximately 1 1/2 hours and is a time to meet with one or two professionals trained to work with infants, toddlers, and their families. Through observation, play, feeding and dialogue the team, led by the parents, explores questions and concerns. The team uses both a developmental framework and a functional look at the child and family’s day.

"My dearest friends....you have taught me everything I need to know about waking up my mouth and getting it ready for snack...."

The purpose of the clinic is to make each day a little easier, accessing strengths and creating successful experiences from which a child and caregiver can grow. Interventions can include a wide range of strategies. Appropriate referrals to other disciplines and agencies are encouraged when necessary to meet this goal.

All sessions include written home instructions specific to your child and family. Written reports are available on request.

Fussy Baby

Fussy Baby Clinic occurs at 4A State Street in Ellsworth. Home visits for special needs may be arranged.

The fee for the initial consultation ranges from $90 to $200. Arrangements for follow-up sessions can be made on a sliding fee scale. We also provide phone and email support.

To ask questions or make an appointment call 667-6783 or send an e-mail.